A Letter From A Girard Awning Owner


I am a very happy and grateful owner of a Girard awning thanks to two of your employees: Mauricio Millan and Jason Mathiasen.

In May of this year I purchased a used 2014 American Coach Revolution from Lazy Days RV, Seffner, FL. Last month, while opening my Girard awning for only the second time, the right arm shattered at the articulating elbow. Immediately I contacted Lazy Days RV, assuming there was still some warranty on the product. Their maintenance department said the awning was probably not under warranty and they were the only ones who could contact the manufacturers.

After a couple of weeks of no action being taken, I called Girard directly and spoke with Mauricio Millan. He was very cordial and direct. He asked that I send him some pictures of the broken parts and some RV information. Shortly after receiving my response, Mauricio notified me that the awning was still under warranty and a new arm would be sent to me within a week.

Upon receiving the new arm, I discovered the part was too long and would not fit. Again, I contacted Girard and spoke with Jason Mathiasen. Jason asked that I take a picture of the old arm beside the new one and email it to him. I immediately got a response that the correct replacement arm was on the way. 

With the help from Girard’s online repair manual and YouTube instructions on installing the new arm, I’m back in business like nothing ever happened.

I want to personally thank Mauricio and Jason for their professionalism and quick responses. Both of these gentlemen represent Girard Systems extremely well and deserve kudos for a job well done. I am now a Girard fan for life. I plan to share this RV story with all of my friends and acquaintances.


Darrell O’Neal