Maintenance And Care

Cleaning Your Awning

  1. Brush off surface dirt.
  2. Hose down the fabric.
  3. Prepare soap mixture in a clean bucket.
  4. Dunk a clean, soft bristle brush into the mixture.
  5. Use sweeping motions to clean the awning.
  6. Allow soap to soak in and capture dirt.
  7. Rinse thoroughly to remove all residues.
Note: Fabrics must be air dried only. 
Pressing, steaming or machine drying will shrink awning fabric.

Stain Solutions

  • Fruit stains: liquid detergent/ ammonia 3-6% water (per gallon)
  • Grease (automotive): volatile solvent (acetone)
  • Iron rust: oxalic or citric acids, water
  • Mildew: 1/2 C bleach + 1/4 C natural soap per gallon of water
  • Oil: liquid detergent, water
  • Paint (latex), wet: paint/ oil/ grease remover
  • Paint (latex), dry: paint/ oil/ grease remover
  • Tree sap: turpentine, liquid detergent

100% Acrylic Fabric Care Guidelines

  • Use only mild soap (no harsh chemicals or detergent)
  • Use only cold to lukewarm water (not hot water)
  • Air dry only (to prevent shrinkage and damage)