Below are some of our satisfied customers!

Dear Chris,

I just finished the installation and everything went perfectly. It is" as if it never happened". Thanks for your help and attention. You helped me extract a thorn in my side if you know what I mean.

Was a real pleasure dealing with you.

- Jim O.

My solar blinds = AWESOME and what a difference they make keeping the sun out. Thank you Gordon and Oscar. Such a wonderful invention. They do this mostly for RVs but they made them custom for homes too! This was my birthday gift to myself. Way cheaper than blinds too!

-Marla S.

Dear Chris:
It was a pleasure to meet you and tour the Girard facility on April 4, 2017. Thank you for providing overnight parking and use of your facilities.
We were impressed with the efficient and professional service provided by Jason and technicians to complete repairs in a timely manner. The experience was positive and educational as well.
Thanks to all for helping us out!

-Vic & Wilma E. 

"We had the pleasure of attending Girards place of business for adjustments to our awnings. I say pleased because it really was a postive from a negative situation. Very professional friendly knowledgeable people. Jason was awesome and it just seemed he could not do enough for us in the name of service and accommodations. Absolutely no hassle or questions Just got in there and fixed it! If you cannot tell, I am sold on Girard systems and their personnel. Thank you."

- Bill M.

"I had called and spoke to Jason about an appointment to have both my awning fabrics replaced. He said no problem when would you like to come in. He was very helpful and seemed glad to help us. We set up the visit and actually stayed overnight in the lot the night before the service day. He and Gordon started the project along with another colleague right at 8:00 am. Their attitude and knowledge was professional and made the job look easy. They finished up in a few hours and got us back on the road. I always like going back to the factory where the product is made and where the technicians know their product the best and support the customer."

- Terry F.


I am a very happy and grateful owner of a Girard awning thanks to two of your employees: Mauricio Millan and Jason Mathiasen.

In May of this year I purchased a used 2014 American Coach Revolution from Lazy Days RV, Seffner, FL. Last month, while opening my Girard awning for only the second time, the right arm shattered at the articulating elbow. Immediately I contacted Lazy Days RV, assuming there was still some warranty on the product. Their maintenance department said the awning was probably not under warranty and they were the only ones who could contact the manufacturers.

After a couple of weeks of no action being taken, I called Girard directly and spoke with Mauricio Millan. He was very cordial and direct. He asked that I send him some pictures of the broken parts and some RV information. Shortly after receiving my response, Mauricio notified me that the awning was still under warranty and a new arm would be sent to me within a week.

Upon receiving the new arm, I discovered the part was too long and would not fit. Again, I contacted Girard and spoke with Jason Mathiasen. Jason asked that I take a picture of the old arm beside the new one and email it to him. I immediately got a response that the correct replacement arm was on the way.

With the help from Girard’s online repair manual and YouTube instructions on installing the new arm, I’m back in business like nothing ever happened.

I want to personally thank Mauricio and Jason for their professionalism and quick responses. Both of these gentlemen represent Girard Systems extremely well and deserve kudos for a job well done. I am now a Girard fan for life. I plan to share this RV story with all of my friends and acquaintances.


Darrell O’Neal


"Excellent customer service from parts department and Mauricio." - Edward T.

"Working with Girard Systems was what a RV experience should be. Products are way above par for quality and the service you receive is the same. I needed 3 new slide out toppers. I decided to have it done in San Clemente Ca. at their facility, rather than a RV tech who maybe does 3 installs a year. From my initial contact to the time I pulled away my choice did NOT disappoint me. I called and explained what I needed, they sent me samples to make sure I had the correct color. Andre who I worked with from start to finish was amazing. He explained to me how to measure size I needed. When we arrived he parked us in their lot, hooked us up to 50 amp, had all the material pre-cut and ready to go, informed me he would return at 7 am to start. He was there as promised and got right to work. The job was none less than perfect, and he shared his knowledge about the product and company with us. We were back on the road that afternoon, however he offered us to stay as late as we wanted, or another night to avoid traffic if we wanted to. It was early enough we chose not to, but the offer was appreciated. The company, and everyone we came in contact with was a pleasure to deal with. We cannot recommend enough having your work done right there. The location was , safe and quiet. Kudos to Girard Systems and Andre." - Tony P.

"I just purchased three arm assemblies for a G2000 awning and installed them last Saturday.
I found that you don't know something very well until you break it and I found the engineering behind the G2000 to be superb! The design is simplistic and the repair was easy.
I did watch the factory Youtube video twice before I proceeded and it was extremely helpful in understanding the mechanics of the awning and therefore I was comfortable with the task.
Thank You!" - Lawrence C.

"I had a problem with my awning and about a month ago at which time I spoke to a gentleman by the name of Andre. At that time I had no idea how fortunate I was to reach him. Andre was very accommodating letting me know he had 50 amp service so if I got there early, I could hook up. I have never been as happy as I was that afternoon when he finished. Talk about a FANTASTIC representative for your organization. Andre was one of the nicest people I have had the privilege of meeting in a long time. He not only installed the new motor but he contacted the warranty company for me and then followed up the next day to make sure the claim had been processed and there wasn’t anything further they needed to approve my claim. Then he took the time to call me and let me know the claim had been approved. Imagine that a service person who cares after you have left. He is one of the consummate professionals and I have already provided a couple of my friends his information. You all should be very proud you have an employee with Andre’s expertise but more importantly his true caring for your customers. He went way out of his way to explain each step and how it was important to do certain things to your awning to keep it in good shape." - Timothy F.

"Drove my Motorhome to their location to have my main awning fabric replaced. Andre did a truly professional job. He went the extra mile to make sure my aluminum awning frame was clean, lubed and tuned. I highly recommend Andre and the company." - Jonathan J.

"I have a Girard awning on my Prevost coach that I had built in 2003. To date, no issues. Thank you for making such a good product." - Dan B.

"Girard gave us a hook-up when we arrived late the afternoon before our appointment. The tech was there at 7:30 the next morning to go over the awning. Turns out the company who had done the repairs had neglected to install most of the screws and bolts! Yikes! He reinstalled the awning properly then re-caulked everything and the cost? Zero! Now *that's* customer service!!! My insurance company was prepared to cover any costs but didn't have to thanks to Girard's wonderful service! We were on the road by 11 AM!" - Sherry G.

"Fast, complete and professional. Corrected fabric creasing on roll-up, squeaking in and out, and operation, open and close, adjustments for proper operation. Work was done very satisfactorily. I recommend Girard Awning Systems factory maintenance, Girard does this for gratis, there is no charge." - J. Casey